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What do Dian Fossey, Jeanne D´Arc, King Arthur, Leonardo da Vinci, Phileas Fogg and Sherlock Holmes have in common?

On thing for sure: these ginger rangers are all mentors in Agropoly edu-game. We invoked them to support gamers with their skillful advices.

What for? To develop useful skills in agricultural entrepreneurship. It’s good to have a sherpa when the goal knowledge peak attack.



Virtual place to learn


Gamers will test and develop their knowledge and skills in 6 areas:  time management, responsibility & risk taking, decision making, cooperation, information management, creativity & innovativeness. The topics are mentored by 6 iconic figures, each of whom representing a special skill, a so called ‘super power’ which is necessary for agricultural entrepreneurship. You can find basic informative material about each topics in the Knowledge base.

The farm

The game starts on a devastated agricultural area, it’s the player’s own farm (burned out fields and burned down forests, weak and skinny vagrant animals, weed on the fields, dirty river etc.). The overall aim of the game is to revive the countryside. By playing with the game, the area is becoming less sad looking and gradually becomes more and more cozier, agriculture starts to flourish.