Meet your guides, the MENTORS!

Essential agricultural entrepreneurial competences will be necessary to nail this game. Six famous people will help you to upgrade your skills, who are real ginger rangers of their fields.

Welcome all of you far and near. 

I am King Arthur, founder of the Round Table. Together with my knights we accomplished great deeds in the dark middle ages in the misty Albion, to bring brightness to the land and the people. With me you can acquire the great competences needed for teamwork and communication. Are you with me?!

Hello fine lords and ladies. 

I am known as Phileas Fogg, the Englishman, who managed to travel around the Earth in 80 days. It was a great journey a result of a bet, i made with other fine gentlemen. I couldn't have achieved success without proper planning and timing. Travel with me to the world of excipient time management, and flexibility!

Hail to you, fellows. 

If you did not recognise me I am Jeanne d'Arc. You might have heard of me during your history studies. I was involved in the Hundred Year's War, after found accountable by army leaders and the French king yet without a crown. On the battlefield, we achieved victory several times due to my help, good strategy, and planning skills. Follow me to reach the state of proper decision making skills!

Greetings to you all. 

I am Dian Fossey, and gorillas are my friends and subjects of my long lasting observation in The Congo and Rwanda. My work is very risky and it is not always easy to get along, and planning forward is essential. Let me introduce you to the field of Responsibility together with my gorilla friend, Rafiki.

Oh, good afternoon to you ladies and gentlemen. 

Let me introduce myself. I am Sherlock Holmes, and together with my fine companion Dr Wattson, we are after mysteries and riddles to solve. I will host you in Knowledge Management


Dear young ones and old souls,

I'm Leonardo da Vinci. Perhaps it is not unknown to most of you, that I have numerous inventions, plans and ideas, i was considered to be creative. Indeed, I always have some visions in my mind, am constantly searching for new ideas, innovative solutions, surprising outcomes. Some of my innovations worked, some did not really. However, both success and failure, as well as creativity, open minded approach are key factors of innovativeness. This is my domain. I sincerely hope to meet you there, sharing knowledge and ideas, learning from each other.